Meet Ella…

This summer is full of birthdays in the Castillo home! It’s hard to believe in just a few more weeks (June 25th) Asher & Levi will be 5 years old! On July 11th Mikela will be 11 years old and on July 21st Gabriel will be 7 years old! That’s 4 birthdays (half of our kids) in two months!

The twins are going to have a Spongebob Party, Mikela wants a Glow-in-the-dark party, & Gabriel wants a Minion party! Going to be a festive few months!

So what special gift do you get 4 kids when you live in Haiti? What’s something small that will fit in your luggage? Well – here she is – nearly 3 months old and 2 pounds….




2 responses to “Meet Ella…”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, she’s so cute! And now you have a tiny little black dog to match your tiny little white dog!!! You do still have Sophie, don’t you?!? Dogs like your kids–black and white, perfect!

    • Ha! Ha! Yes Sophie is still around…..Ella drives her nuts following her around everywhere she goes! Guess I should have let you know that you are a Godmother again! I’ll have to update the will! 🙂

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