Deep Thoughts with Gabriel….

Gabriel loves to draw! Sometimes he doesn’t have the words to get out his thoughts – but he’s a deep thinker just the same.  He expresses himself through his drawings and it gives us a glimpse of what’s happening in his little world.

Today he brought me his latest creation and I’m still processing what my little boy just told me. What great insight he has! He is constantly teaching me to see things through his eyes which are so beautiful!

On the left-side – all the kids are in school. Even little Isebelle who is orange is sitting on the desk. Miss Beth is yellow and she’s teaching them.

The hearts and the rainbow at the top represent Heaven which is full of love. On the right-side of the drawing is our house where Jose & I are standing.

On the bottom left-hand side the red guy with a smile is God. On the right-hand side the brown guy with a frown is the devil. I’m not sure you can see the pencil marks but there’s all kinds of scribbles between God & the devil.

Gabriel tells me: You see this is God right here in red. 

Me: Why don’t you have him in Heaven with the rainbow and clouds?

Gabriel: Well because you see that devil? 

Me: Yeah

Gabriel: Well he wants our family. So God left heaven so he can fight the devil. That’s what these pencil marks are – because they are fighting.

But I don’t think the devil will win. He’s just trying to. And you see these two stickers of the little Haitian kids – well you see the devil wants them too.  But God said no he can’t have them. 

photo 1


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