Happy 7th Birthday Gabriel!

Gabriel was born on July 21st – 8 weeks early! I wasn’t able to even hold him before he was rushed to the NICU where he spent many weeks on a breathing machine. Twice we were told that he would probably not live through the night. The tears stream down my cheeks just thinking about it.  We were only able to see him every 3 hours for 30 minutes each time. I didn’t get to hold him until he was 3 days old and it was only for a moment. There is nothing like leaving the hospital after giving birth without your baby. It was devastating to us.

We would drive from Versailles to Central Baptist Hospital even through the night – never missing the 3 hour-mark. We made sure that either Jose or myself was always available when we were allowed to see him….mostly because we were never sure if he would be okay the next time we were allowed back.



Now here we are here 7 years later – and it makes me cry again when I think about how close we came to losing him!

I have had so many Haitian children go through my home – over 17 that stayed either a few days – a few months – a few years – and those we now call our own. BUT THEY WERE ALL GIRLS!! I knew boys were trouble so I stayed away! LOL! I never knew though that I could love a little boy the way I love my sons. Gabriel makes me laugh SO MUCH! He’s tender hearted and can be very sensitive at times which just shows how caring and loving he can be.  I am so proud of the young man he’s becoming and it’s an honor to be his mom.

I wasn’t able to be at his party that he had today – but I am SO grateful to Beth, Morgan, Emily, Jose & Momma Gigi for throwing such a great bash! I was able to talk with the boys tonight and they had the best time!

The party started at 3:30 and Gabe got to invite 13 boys! We decided to hold it in the cafeteria so there was plenty of room. They started off with the ring toss and fishing game! Winners got fruit snacks! Then they got to watch Despicable Me 2 while eating pizza and having juice. Then it was craft time! The boys LOVED making the airplanes! They were flying them all over the place. I knew those would be a hit 🙂

Then it was singing Happy Birthday and time for cake! I got tickled because his cake looked different throughout the pictures DURING the party…. it was plain, then it had two table decorations on it, and then it had minions on it! LOL! I know Jose really tried! After that it was pin the sticker on the Minion.

Before the party concluded it was time for the piñata! Everyone got out their goody bags – this way they had something to put the candy in. There were a lot of happy little boys tonight! I know that it will be a great memory for so many of them.

Gabe went home after the party and got to open his gifts from the family. We never ask for the children to bring gifts – we always send them home with stuff instead. But I love that Momma Gigi always makes a point to pick up something special for my kids. Gabe loved ALL of it!




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