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Trick or Treat…..Haiti-Style!

Tomorrow night we are throwing a Halloween Party for children’s church. For the last three months the kids have been getting points for attending church, answering questions, & learning their memory verse! Those with the most points were rewarded with a Halloween party! We spent four hours today decorating the cafeteria for the party. It’s sort of a Hallowmas (Halloween/Christmas) Theme! Tomorrow night there will be 29 kids celebrating in the cafeteria!

Since tomorrow night is the party – we went trick or treating tonight! 🙂 The kids went to Beth’s House, cafeteria, employee homes, orphanage, school classrooms, random people in the middle of the campus, church, & clinic! They had so much fun and everyone on campus LOVED seeing them dressed up! Even though we live in Haiti – we still try to make things as special as we can for our children. Though these types of things take more planning than you could imagine – it’s definitely worth all the effort!

Here’s a few pics from our Treating Adventures along with some pics of our Hallowmas Decorations!

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