Children’s Church – Walking On Water…

Friday night my kids were helping me prepare for today’s church service. I can’t say enough how much I love it when our whole family works together! I even saw them practicing the memory verse from last week too. I’m just so proud of the way they are so willing to engage in what we are doing each week.

We learned last week that making crafts with 60 little kids during the church service is just a bit nuts! So I decided that we would do most of the legwork before church. The boys colored the blue water on a paper plate, Malaya glued the boat onto the plate, and then I cut the slits for Jesus to slide back & forth on the water! It took over an hour to get it all prepared – but I knew it would make today much easier!

Since we’re talking about “walking on water”  – I bought gold fish crackers to pass out. Rosie helped divide all the crackers into 60 bags!


We started the morning off by taking attendance and seeing who knew last week’s memory verse! Out of 60 kids – many who are under 3 years – 25 of them knew the verse! WAHOO!!

We did our stretches again to Big House! Jose got a video of the kids exercising and then doing the chorus together. There were 8 really cute kids that stood right beside me and got SO into song….. but since I don’t like to be captured in videos – I had to edit it out! 🙂 But here is a clip of the kids having fun. At the end of this clip –  when the kids run & kick the soccer ball (football in creole) – Gabe managed to kick his shoe clear across the cafeteria into a bucket! Hole in one!



I had the kids sit in a circle while we went over our memory verse and the lesson. I found that they listen better if they are sitting in a circle than at the picnic tables.  We played duck, duck, goose to help work out some of those wiggles in between memory verse and story time.

We colored our craft plates & pictures….. and the older kids also did mazes & word searches. We passed out fish crackers & then watched Veggie Tales.

The kids were really well-behaved today. I think they are starting to get used to this weekly routine! I asked them detailed questions from our lesson 2 weeks ago and they were spot-on today! Love to see how the kids are learning and growing! I’m grateful for the patience & endurance God has given each of us who lead each week.



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