Chez Paris….in Haiti!

Well today was the day!! We celebrated Isebelle’s, Rosie’s, & Malaya’s birthday! They wanted a Fancy Paris-Themed Soirée! I have to admit – I really LOVE hosting & decorating for parties!

Isebelle had her birthday on the 7th – Rosie’s birthday was the 8th – and Malaya’s birthday is the 20th.

Let’s talk about the table….The table had lights wrapped in tulle & silver ribbon running down the middle, 2 Eiffel Towers, 2 bouquets of flowers, pink & white candy dishes, two bunches of balloons, white flower petals, Paris placemats, sugar-rimed glasses, & two little boxes – one with a cupcake and one filled with candy and goodies to take home. The birthday girls had Eiffel Tower picture holders with their personal pic and they each had a boa. The seats were wrapped with tulle and completed with a Collapsible Paris Fan.

There was a Present Station with their pictures indicating what pile was for which girl.

We had a Cookie Decoration Station with homemade Eiffel Tower shaped sugar cookies! They got to put icing on them and decorate them….and then eat them! Some of the littler girls were ALL ABOUT licking off that icing – even while we were trying to play games! 😀


There were a total of 16 girls and they arrived at 4pm. We started the party off with make-up and glitter tattoos. Then they got their picture taken by the Eiffel Tower on the wall!

We then divided the girls into two groups. We played the game where you had to suck candy through a straw and move it from one bowl to another. Then one group decorated cookies while the other group went bowling in the house. Then they switched.

We then went outside where there were 3 games that they rotated through. There was corn hole, horse-shoes, and flickin’ chicken!

After the outdoor games we came back inside and got pizza kisses and cold ice tea! We put sugar around the top of the glasses and they LOVED licking that off! I think everyone had at least 4 glasses full of tea! They were thirsty!!

We then sang Happy Birthday to the girls and they blew out their candles! So we had sugar cookies, cupcakes, and a cookie cake! That’s not too much sugar right?

After that we ended the party (before it got too dark) and the kids left with full bellies and a goody box in each hand.

After the children left – the girls opened up their gifts! It was an EXCELLENT party!

Thanks so much to the PV ladies, Beth, & Morgan for helping us pull off this party & for Colleen who took all the pictures! It seemed like it took all of us to make it a success! I’m all about creating memories…..we definitely created a great one today for 16 precious little girls!

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