Happy 11th Birthday Rosie!

How can this be? Rosie is 11 years old? She was never expected to see her 1st birthday.

Rosie’s mom delivered her while walking to the birthing center.  She made it as far as the road infront of the mission and gave birth on that dirty road. Rosie’s umbilical cord became infected with the dirt and she contracted Tetanus. 95% of all children with tetanus in Haiti die. She could not move her arms, legs, mouth, or any other part of her body for 3 months. They say that Tetanus feels like charlie-horses all over your body.

She lived through it only to contract Cerebral Malaria when she was 7 months old. She had 8 seizures a day and a fever over 104 for 6 weeks straight. She is truly a miracle child. Rosie certainly was a handful as a toddler– but – it’s her stubborn attitude and hard-headedness that’s allowed her to live through what would kill most.

Rosie has a way of engaging people and making them feel like the most important person in the room. She just has such an innocent, pure love and childlike faith. She creates these very special and unique friendships – all of them so important to her and yet none of them are the same. I don’t know anyone who isn’t best friends with Rosie! LOL! They don’t make them sweeter than this precious girl!

Rosie has had a difficult life with many challenges. We get through one hurdle only to find ourselves in another one. She was diagnosed with Profound Developmental Delay and Sensory Integration Disorder. We’ve been given all kinds of expectations from doctors – and Rosie exceeds them all! Just proof God has something HUGE in store for her life.

I’m so grateful for the relationships she has formed – the people who have come alongside her – encouraged her – loved on her – poured into her – empowered her – made her feel as special as she truly is. It’s taken a village to raise this beautiful girl…… and those relationships have been very instrumental in helping Rosie overcome her disabilities and learn to love herself –  just as much as we all love her.

Happy Birthday Rosie Posey – a miracle in the making!

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