Happy 3rd Birthday Isebelle!

It’s so hard to believe this sassy beauty is going to be 3 years old!! I remember when she first came into our lives in the spring of 2012. She was this tiny little baby at 5months old  – and less than 10 pounds – barely thriving. Now she’s this boisterous Evangelist with more energy than all our orphans combined!

Here’s a blog from when I first introduced her to everyone:http://lifeoffering.org/2012/05/29/gods-promise/

She’s come SO far! She’s like the campus mascot! Everyone knows her – cheers for her – and deeply loves her.

Isebelle is FILLED with the Holy Spirit! I often give the talk to groups about how important it is for us to not only represent the hands & feet of Christ – but also His face. When Isebelle isn’t being a goofball – she really can represent the face of Jesus with the best of them! He just SHINES through those big beautiful eyes.

When you ask her what her two favorite things are – it’s cake and Jesus! I really can’t take credit for all that Isebelle has become. Mme Nene has had a profound impact on her life. Some kids might pretend to lead a church service for 15 minutes or so and then get bored. At two years old she would go for a full 45 minutes with songs, prayer, & scripture. She’s not afraid to get up in front of a big group of kids or adults –  and sing a song or lead them in prayer.

In Children’s Church our kids earn points for attendance, answering questions, & memorizing scriptures. Isebelle has just as many points as the 10 year olds! She doesn’t miss a beat.

Isebelle, Rosie, & Malaya  – all have birthdays this month so we’re going to have a big party with everyone together on Sunday. Why on Sunday? Well the girls want their good friends from PV – Betty, Sarah, & Gayla to come to their Paris-themed soirée! They want a fancy and sophisticated party…..Lord help me! They’re not even teenagers yet!

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  1. Fancy, sophisticated party?!? Are you sure we’ll be allowed into the party?!? I have been to beautiful Paris–c’est tres jolie– and have a degree in French, BUT i didn’t pick up any classy sophistication from the French?!?!?

    • LOL! Well they want the living room and dinner table decorated like a fancy restaurant with pink tulle and ribbons and fake flowers…..but we’re still playing corn-hole & horse-shoes outside! 🙂 It’s a kentucky kind of fancy! 🙂

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