Happy 10th Birthday Malaya!

What a day that was……that beautiful day where I held my little girl for the first time. To realize that God had given me something I had prayed for since I was a little girl – it was more than I could comprehend. After suffering through many miscarriages – we finally delivered this beautiful baby girl. Malaya was actually a triplet…. but we lost two just before I was 12 weeks pregnant.

Malaya has the most beautiful heart. She has a heart for those who are hurting. She has a heart for those who are suffering. She has a heart for the poor.  She has a heart for the sad animals – you know those commercials that come on TV!  She has a heart for the team members that come to Haiti. She has a heart for the children in the orphanage.  She has a heart for the elderly. Malaya’s best friend is the wedding lady’s mother – Ruth! She prays for Ruth and thanks God for her every day!

Malaya used to be this shy little girl. I have watched her bloom into this gorgeous – caring – loving – smart – funny – quick-witted – responsible – selfless – young lady.

Malaya you constantly challenge me  – teach me –  encourage me – love me –  and make me so proud!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!



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