Mission Stories

Let Malaya Come Unto Me…

Malaya decided that she wants to follow Jesus & accept Him has her Savior!

What a glorious day!

My mom and I sat for over an hour today talking with Malaya about what it meant to accept Christ. Though it was cold and rainy here in St. Louis du Nord – my momma baptized Malaya this afternoon! She was surrounded by our friends and family from the Mole, St. Louis du Nord, and Michigan!

I have known since I held my little baby girl in my arms – that she was set apart by God to do something special for His Kingdom.

Today was the biggest and most important step in that beautiful journey. I’m so thankful for EVERYONE  – friends, family, teams, & staff – who have poured into her life! All of you helped plant and water seeds – and today we just reaped a bountiful and beautiful harvest!

It started with the Fruits of the Spirit…

Then the Fruits of those who helped lead Malaya into a relationship with Christ…

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  1. Jody, I rejoice with u on Malaya’s baptism and confession. I can remember when my firstborn did the same and what a joyous time that was. Now, get the others there!😘

    Sent from my iPhone, CJ Wilkerson


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