Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday! 

When you walked into the reception area – there were 12 tables. Each table was decorated by the “hats” my dad has worn over his life-time. He’s pastored many churches, he’s worked on the railroad, he was a policeman, he was a fireman, he was a postman, he was an army man, he was a construction man, a salesman, a football player, a UK fan, a missionary, a veteran, and the list could go on and on.

We had newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, pictures- – – a whole life-time scattered throughout the room. It was a little overwhelming and emotional to see a man’s life – especially when that man is your father – –  70 years – represented all in one place.

My dad loved moon pies. In fact when he built the church in St. Louis du Nord – he put a moon pie in the wall! So as party favors – everyone took home a moon pie with a sticker of my dad on it! 🙂

The party started off at 12pm. We had guests arriving & fellowshipping for the first half-hour. Then we served BBQ sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, baked beans, & honey-baked ham. For dessert – we had an array of pies plus the birthday cake!

The first thing on the program was a funny skit! My mom dressed up like my dad and my sister interviewed her (as if she were Larry). It was so fun!

We then sang Happy Birthday to dad and cut the cake! 🙂

Then we had another 45-minute program that included:

3 songs sang by the Owen Clan (Bud, Lori, Janeil, Jody)

Scripture from the Castillo Kids

1 song by Lydia & Tracey (Bud’s wife & daughter)

1 song by Momma Gigi

1 song by Nene & Ruby (Janeil’s kids)

A HILARIOUS comedy act from DJ (Lori’s kid)

2 songs by Frankie (A friend from Sulfer Well – my dad’s first church)

A special reminder from Jamie (cousin) & Lori about how proud our Mamaw would be right now if she were here.

And we ended the party with Brewster leading a special prayer time for dad.


Thanks to everyone who brought gifts, cards, pies, AND came to show love and support to our family! You have no idea how much this time together has meant to my family…. how much this has lifted my dad’s spirits. He felt so loved and honored by you all.

Thanks to those who helped us set-up & clean-up!

I am so grateful to Diane Cornelius for helping us organize, decorate, and work the party!

I can’t show my appreciation enough for Tom & Sharon Snivley! They’ve logged in 22+ hours  driving in 2 days and  made it Saturday morning at 10am to take our family pictures! Phew! Tom worked the party taking pictures & Sharon worked the kitchen with Diane!  My dad was so honored by their love, commitment, and generosity! All of these pictures are from Tom! 🙂

It’s been a great weekend….memories we will cherish!

Here’s some pics from his birthday party. He’s taught me so much about how to do life-changing & kingdom advancing ministry.  I’m so in awe by all that he’s accomplished over his life-time. And I’m so honored to call him dad.

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