The Dollar Club Update 3…

The mail came Friday on the MAF planes as the PVBC group was leaving. The kids had shed many tears saying good-bye to their friends. It was SO nice to be able to give them their cards – a reminder that God is still watching over them and that they have all kinds of friends who love them!

It’s been really fun bringing the cards to Gigi. Though we were told she has the mental capacity of a 6 month old – we are constantly amazed by how God is moving through her and the abilities she has that far surpass what the doctors told us. When she sees the stack of cards she just smiles from ear to ear! It’s like she knows somehow that someone special sent her some love that day! We have a video but we can’t get it to upload. She just stares at each and every card & actually laughs when she holds up the money!! It’s so precious to watch!

Little Izzy is learning what it means to be a good steward of the blessings she’s been given! She wanted to take her money right away to buy candy for the orphans….of course she was including herself when she was talking about the candy! 🙂

I just want to thank you again for loving on my kids. We got 68 cards this past weekend and $101.00! Adding this to the $103.00 – and we’ve got a whopping $204.00 towards our orphan ministry!

The Michigan team helped us create a banner to hang in the orphanage cafeteria!  It’s much easier to tape the cards to the banner than to cement walls! Our kids are so proud to display the cards and the kids in the orphanage love looking at them too….a reminder that people are always thinking of them!


If you would like to join the Dollar Club and send a card to Gigi, Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, Gabriel, Levi, Asher, or Isebelle – you can mail it to:
Jose Castillo (and the name of the child)
3170 Airmans Dr #2189 NWHCM
Ft Pierce, FL 34946

Just a reminder… The mail goes to Florida and then is flown over to Haiti. We check the mailbox in Port-au-Prince about every 10 days or so. So if you sent a letter and it’s not in the photos there is a delay from the time you send it until we get it in the Mole. Keep the cards coming!!! Together we can do a lot!

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