So Thankful Replay…Day 2

Today I am thankful for the wonderful man God has placed in my life! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 19 years since we met.  Jose was definitely a gift from God that to this day I still don’t deserve.

Everyone who knows him – knows that He is an amazing father, brother, son, husband, provider, encourager, leader, logistical genius, quick-witted, fun-loving, self-less servant of the Lord.

He has a heart to do just about anything for anyone – just because he can – just because he wants to create a smile or a memory – just because he doesn’t know how to not help others.

Jose may not be a big talker…. but let’s face it – he’s not given much of an opportunity with my mouth running all the time!! LOL! But he’s the man that makes it possible for me to be the woman God needs me to be.

Oh how blessed my life is – how blessed our children are – how blessed the Mole is – how blessed this mission is –  because God created Jose!

SO Thankful… Day 2

So believe it or not – some people think I can be quite the handful! You’re reading this in disbelief right? I know! Hard to imagine!

So when God gave me a husband – He had to find someone that could handle me!! LOL! AND He did good!

Many of you know the sacrifices that Jose makes. He puts EVERYONE before himself – no matter who you are! He’ll ride the 10 hour bus ride with every single group – just so they don’t have to go alone! He will ride 4 hours on the back of a moto  – to spend one hour fixing the internet in St. Louis – only to then turn right back around the next morning for another 4 hours to come home and be with our family! When he has the chance to escape ME and the KIDS – He never takes it. He doesn’t want to. He LOVES his family – drama and all!

He doesn’t think twice about  – changing a diaper, reading with the girls, playing spiderman with Gabriel, being the only chef in the house, surprising me with cold juice when I’m in clinic, spending all night working on the generator, living with MY parents when we’re stateside, staying up with me when I can’t sleep, talking through the latest drama in our ministry, & making sure we’re ALL as comfortable as we can be!  He daily sacrifices himself to be the man, husband, & father God has called him to be!



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