The Power of Family Prayer…

In February all of us missionaries started a bible study called the Armor of God. I’ve also been leading our Haitian Women’s Group through a series called Fight Back with Joy. And for the past several months the girls and I have been working through a study called Follow Me Preteen Bible Study.

Somehow all of these studies are merging together with one big theme – PRAYER. Over the past several weeks I’ve felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to walk through each room of the house and say the name of Jesus in each space – and over each child. I tried to ignore it – but God’s voice just wouldn’t silence.

Maybe it’s because I really like scary movies – but when the thought first came to me I thought it was ridiculous. Like this is something weird “super-Christians” would do. Like you should walk around with a candle and a cross…. and just start casting out demons. Felt more like a movie than something you do in real life.

But as all three of my Bible Studies began to overlap – I knew the power of Prayer and what it could do in this house – for this family. But I felt ill equipped. I wanted it to be perfect and yet I didn’t know all the words I needed to say.

It reminds me of my last night devotional I do with each group. We make up excuses on why we can’t do something that God’s asked us to do. We say we can’t do __________ because we don’t have __________. (fill the in blanks)

We might say:

We can’t help the poor because we don’t have any money.
We can’t reach out to our friend who needs Jesus because we don’t have the courage.
We can’t lead a bible study because we aren’t gifted speakers.

We can come up with ALL kinds of reasons – and fill those blanks with anything. But God often guides us by what He withholds. The reason He doesn’t give us everything we need is because He wants us to need Him. He wants me to lean on Him when I don’t have the words to say. He wants me to need Him – so He leaves me in need.

So I followed my own advice…..believing God would give me the words I needed as long as I followed through with the actions He was asking me to take.

Sunday Night:
We’ve had teams the last few weeks but Sunday night we were able to have dinner together as a family in our home. It was our first family dinner in weeks. I began asking the kids what were the ways that satan could sneak in our home?

They talked about the TV – how they could see/hear things that they shouldn’t. They talked about all the ways they fight with each other. They talked about stealing snacks without asking permission. They talked about how we ask them to clean their rooms but they choose not to. They talked about when we ask them if they have done their homework and they lie. The talked about how we tell them to go outside and play but they hide playing video games. They talk about how they get upset and they don’t forgive each other.

Together we talked about all the ways that we can open the door for satan to come in. But we also talked about how weak satan is. We all know that GREATER is HE that is in us – than he that is in the world.

We know that satan tries his best to sneak into our homes but if we put on the armor of God – we can defeat him and kick him out.

We prayed specific prayers in each room. But we ended each prayer session by saying these words together:

Holy Spirit Come Inside Our Home…….
Holy Spirit Come Inside This Room….

Devil GET OUT.
Darkness GET OUT.
Evilness GET OUT.

Light COME IN.
Goodness COME IN.
Truth COME IN.
Righteousness COME IN
Kindness COME IN


There was a chill that came over each of us as we said those things out loud. Our voices just seemed to naturally get louder & more forceful. We spoke as a family with an authority we hadn’t experienced before.

After the third room we prayed in – Levi began to cry. He said he could feel Jesus and it was making him emotional.

After we prayed over each child – Gabriel would walk over to them and ask them if they felt different?

When we got to Rosie’s room to pray – Asher exclaimed – ‘I just felt the Holy Spirit walk by. He’s here guys’!

I could have easily let my fear of not being equipped – or not having the right words – or not creating the perfect atmosphere – keep our family from experiencing this God-ordained moment. But I thank God I fought through my fears.

The following is a list of some of the prayers we prayed over each other. We invite you to pray alongside us so that our children may experience the unleashing power & presence of our Holy Savior.

Parent’s Bedroom:

So we went to my bedroom first. Together we held hands. Because teaching your children to pray is so important – the children repeated after me.

So if I say: Dear Jesus. Come into this room.
They repeat: Dear Jesus. Come into this Room.

We prayed for the health of Jose & Me. We prayed for real rest. We prayed for wisdom and discernment. We prayed for peace. We prayed that Jose & I would always be united. We prayed that God would be the center of everything that happens in this room. We prayed that we would never let the sun set with us still in anger. We prayed that God would give us a supernatural power to understand each other in the most difficult decisions.

Since our bedroom also doubles as our offices – we prayed for the emails we send out – for the tickets we book – for the interactions we have on behalf of the mission – that each stroke of the keyboard would be drenched with the Holy Spirit.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Baby’s Room:

Next we went to the baby’s room. When we went into this room – I was overcome with tears. The room belonged to the 6 babies I miscarried over the past 2 years. This room had been full of amazing hope and now carried the weight of sorrow.

But we claimed this room for Jesus. We prayed for Fabi who currently calls this room her own. We prayed for any child that may come through here – whether it’s from our clinic – or a place of refuge for a child in trouble. Whatever the case may be – we claimed this room for Jesus and whatever child HE wants here.

We prayed that the families who are caught up in voodoo – who bring their children here – would see the light of Jesus. We prayed for darkness to leave this room and for light to enter in. We prayed for the sorrow to be drowned out by hope & grace & belief God has a bigger plan.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Malaya’s Room

As we entered into Malaya’s room we had her stand in the middle. Then each of us circled around her – laying hand on her. Again they repeated the words I said.

• Lord help Malaya believe and not doubt in who you are. Help her to make good decisions.
• Lord help Malaya to not become weary or tired in doing good. Give her strength and courage to be the woman you want her to be.
• Lord let Malaya be kind and compassionate to others – forgiving them as Christ forgave her.
• Fulfill your purpose in Malaya – do not abandon the work you have for her.
• Prepare Malaya’s heart for action. Let her be self-controlled. Fill her with hope and grace so she can give it to others like Christ gave to her.
• Do not give Malaya a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.
• Let Malaya lie down in peace and sleep in peace. Clear Malaya’s mind from anything that would cause her to fear at night. Remind her you are here. Let her feel Your presence when she feels all alone.
• Though there are trials and pressures in this world – protect Malaya from the evil one. Remind her that she belongs to you – not to the world.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Mikela’s Room

Then we went into Mikela’s Room. We had her stand in the middle. Then each of us circled around her – laying hand on her. Again they repeated the words I said.

• Lord fill Mikela with the knowledge of your will through spiritual wisdom and understanding that she might live a life worthy of you in every way.
• Clothe Mikela with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
• Whatever Mikela does – may she work at it with all her heart so that she works for you Lord and not for people.
• Give Mikela victory. Guard her and protect her. Lord help her know that you are the only way – you are the only one who can give her wisdom and guidance and peace.
• Keep Mikela from all harm. Watch over her life – her comings and goings – now and forever.
• Lead Mikela not into temptation but deliver her from the evil one. Help her lead her friends into a relationship with you instead of them dragging her down.
• Lord help her find her identity as the daughter of the King. Giver her understanding & help clear her doubts about who you are. Give her boldness to stand-up to those who persecute you.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Asher/Levi’s Room

Then we went into twins’ room. We had Asher/Levi stand in the middle. Then each of us circled around them – laying hand on them. Again they repeated the words I said.

• Give Levi a wise and discerning heart so that he can know the difference between right and wrong.
• Clothe Levi with your full armor. Let him be a soldier for you who is ready to do what you want.
• Help Levi to always forgive those who hurt him. Give him patience and a desire to follow you always.
• Help Levi to open his arms to the poor and to help those who are in need.
• Help Levi to be self-controlled. Let him be someone that is always honest.
• Please help Levi to not give into bullies but help him to find his strength and deliver him.
• Keep Levi safe. Help me make good decisions and to stay away from dangerous games.
• Lord Fulfill your good purpose in Levi’s life so that he may do what you have for him to do.

• Let Asher trust you with his heart. Don’t let him do wrong – but help him understand what’s right to do.
• Let Asher serve others in love. Let him have a servant’s heart.
• Fill Asher with your Holy Spirit. Let him be full of self control and gentleness
• Help Asher to love who He is. Help him to see his value and worthiness. Do not let him get lost in the things of this world. Help him see and truly understand his place in this family and his beauty in you’re your eyes.
• Please give Asher good health. Keep him from harm. Surround him with clouds of pillows for each fall that he has. Keep him seizure free. Keep him from hurting others.
• Don’t let anyone lead Asher astray. Cause him to do what’s right not what is sinful.
• Let Asher be careful and wise in how he lives so he can be the man you want him to be.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Rosie’s Room

Then we went into Rosie’s Room. We had her stand in the middle. Then each of us circled around her – laying hand on her. Again they repeated the words I said.

• Help Rosie to know you and understand you in any situation. Give her wisdom when others try to deceive her. Open her eyes to those who want to hurt her.
• Let Rosie know you have a plan for her life. Let her know that You have not forgotten her.
• Help Rosie to know that she was created in your image. That you made her just the way that she is and that she makes you smile. That she is so special in your eyes. That she is perfect in your eyes. Build her up so that she may love herself the way you love her.
• Comfort Rosie when she feels burdened or troubled. Let her feel your arms wrap around her.
• Help Rosie to submit to you and resist the devil.
• Help Rosie to make every effort to add to her faith, goodness, and self-control. Help to calm her when she’s angry. Help her to feel your presence when she feels alone. Keep her from comparing herself to others. Help her accept her disabilities and see where & how God is using her.
• Lord you are faithful. Please strengthen and protect Rosie from herself and from the evil one.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.

Gabriel’s Room

Then we went into Gabe’s Room. We had him stand in the middle. Then each of us circled around him – laying hand on her. Again they repeated the words I said.

• Give Gabe wisdom and understanding. Do not let him forget your words and promises.
• Help Gabriel not to be selfish but to consider others better than himself.
• Teach Gabe that if he wants to be great he must first be a servant. He cannot ask others to be his slave but he is to be a slave to God – doing what is right.
• Teach Gabe to share. Help Gabe to see that his actions are even more important than his words.
• Set guard over Gabe’s mouth – keep watch over his lips.
• Lord you are faithful. Please strengthen and protect Gabriel from the evil one.
• Help Gabe to love who He is. Help him to see his value and worthiness. Do not let him get lost in the things of this world.

**We commanded the Holy Spirit to come in & the devil to get out.


After Gabe’s room we went to the bathroom, our food depot, and we ended in our living room. By then the kids were ready/trained to say their own prayers over these rooms.

After hearing the things we prayed over each other – God gave them such beautiful words to end our time together. They even commanded the mice out of the food depot and then believing God was able – stared down waiting for them to run out! (I told them God already commanded them out weeks ago!) LOL! AMEN!


I could have missed out on this beautiful time together as a family if I had given in to all my fears, doubts, and anxieties.

What is God calling you to do? What is that nudging that keeps you up at night? That unfinished business? Whatever it may be – I encourage you to work through it – to pray through it – and to finally put it into action……so you don’t miss out on a God-ordained moment in time.

It wasn’t a perfect day – it wasn’t even a perfect evening. But God did something special that night – – and 6 sweet little kids got to have their “catalyst” moment…… where the presence & power of God couldn’t be denied.


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