Happy Independence Day!


What a WONDERFUL 4th of July!

Malaya, Jose, and I spent the entire morning decorating the cafeteria for our party tonight. For the past several months the kids in Children’s Church have been earning points by memorizing scripture, attendance, participation, & inviting friends. Tonight we invited the top 30 kids with the most points to celebrate this great holiday!

Not only did we get to party with these 30 amazing kids… but we also have a team of 20 from Texas! They were such a HUGE help tonight and made everything just that much more fun!

So tonight’s scheduled festivities….


As kids came in we did some face-painting and everyone got a light-up necklace.

5pm-5:30 Bonfire – roasting hot dogs, chips, & juice



5:30-6pm Carnival – we had 10 games set-up on the basketball court. We had an American running each station. The children were allowed to play whatever game they wanted – as much as they wanted. The children had a little bag to collect their winnings from each of the games!


6pm-6:45pm American Ninja Obstacle Course – Thanks to Susan, Emma, & Nene – this was a complete blast! Children hopped in a sack, went under a hurdle, jumped over a hurdle, went through a tunnel, walked on a balance beam, jumped across tree stumps, had to do a flip on a mat, and ended it by popping a balloon. The kids were timed and the fastest 3 times were awarded prizes.

1st Place: Asher with 30.3 seconds

2nd Place: Hannah with 31.6 seconds

3rd Place: Presly with 31.9 seconds



6:45-7pm Dance Performance – Malaya & Mikela have a dance group called Our Generation. Emma has been choreographing songs & working with them to prepare for the upcoming Revival July 16th-18th. Tonight they performed 2 of their songs for the first time. (Not gonna lie…I got a little teary-eyed! It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come since this started in March. They really are a little family – they laugh together –play together – dance together.)


7:15pm Party Ended – Everyone came back to the cafeteria to collect their goody bag, candy bag, a light-up sword, and a cupcake (Malaya made & decorated 71 cupcakes).


After the kids left we got the sparklers out! Our family had a special time together in our front yard. Then the Americans played with them in the big courtyard. We also projected the Macy’s 4th of July Show in the cafeteria while the team ended the night playing cards.


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