Happy 14th Birthday Mikela!


It’s SO hard to believe that we met our sassy little Mikela when she was just 10 months old and 4lbs….and today she is 14!

She couldn’t go to sleep unless you put a cracker in her hand…afraid she wouldn’t find food the next day. Her first word was cookie. She was always Miss Personality – even as a toddler! God sure did know what He was doing that day when He brought that precious little baby through the gates and into our lives.


Mikela invited 14 friends over for a slumber party! I can’t take any credit for tonight’s success…. Emma and Susan not only planned it but also executed the entire night!

The Schedule:

The party started at 6pm and will end tomorrow at 8am!

Dinner: They had boneless chicken, fries, plantain, & juice.

After Dinner: Just Dance & some played dolls. Even Momma Gigi came over and danced! 🙂

After Just Dance: They had water balloon games!

After Water Balloon Fun: Hide N Seek In the Dark!

After Hide N Seek: Shower Time & Cake Time

After Cake: Movie Time



When Mikela got done with her shower – she walked to the living room and they started singing…before we even go the cake ready! LOL! 

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