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An Incredible Christmas – Children’s Church

For the past 4 weeks, our Children’s Church Theme has been – An Incredible Christmas!

The theme is based on the movie The Incredibles!  We played the movie – Incredibles 2 at our kick-off back in November. We spent the next 4 weeks sharing with the children how we need…  Incredible Trust, Incredible Invisibility, Incredible Power, & Incredible Grace! To read more about the theme….check out this post: Our Incredible Kick-Off!

Each week we had an object lesson, a memory verse, Jesus Aerobics, a Bible lesson, games, a skit, a coloring competition, a craft, & snacks! We’ve been blessed with 150-200 children each week! YAHOO!

This Sunday is our Children’s Church Christmas Party! If the child attended ALL 4 WEEKS –  then they earned an invitation to our special Christmas Celebration! I’m SO happy to share that 90 children will be attending our party this Sunday! We will have games, a prize table, a special skit, crafts, & a delicious meal!

It’s our desire & prayer that these past 4 weeks have not only been a lot of fun….but that our lessons filled these sweet children with INCREDIBLE HOPE and gave a better understanding of what Christmas is all about!

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