O is for October…and Apparently Operations too!

It’s been a few months since I’ve given an update on our family.

Rosie had a seamless recovery from her scoliosis surgery. Jose, Malaya, & Asher flew back into Haiti the first week of July after the airports re-opened.

I stayed out with Rosie until the first week of August just to make sure she didn’t have any complications. The doctor didn’t want Rosie to fly back to Haiti before September.

Tom & Sharon Snivley generously offered to keep Rosie for the month of August! I am SO thankful for their love and support because it allowed me to fly home to the Mole after spending 5 months apart from the rest of my kids. **I’ll be blogging more about her adventures soon!


At the end of August, we received news that my dad needed heart surgery. Due to his age & Parkinson’s Disease – he was considered very high risk. Without the surgery, they said his heart would give out within a few months.

My dad told me that I didn’t need to fly out since I had just returned home. But if I’ve learned anything over the past 2 years… tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us. I may not “need” to fly out… but I’d never forgive myself if something happened and I didn’t get to say goodbye. 

Several of my kids hadn’t seen their papaw since Thanksgiving. So we made a decision as a family to come out and spend time with my dad before his surgery. 

It was an emotional few weeks while we waited for his operation.  It was the first time we had ever experienced something serious like this without my sister. She has a way of making us laugh even during the most overwhelming & terrifying moments. My mom brought her ashes with us in the car… so she could “be there” with the rest of us while we awaited news.

My dad had his surgery October 1st and it went perfectly. Phew! 

With the news of dad’s successful operation – we made plans to return back home to Haiti October 15th. But as we all know… nothing this year has gone as planned for ANYONE!


Since March – I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder. I’ve done physical therapy, steroid shots, deep tissue massages, and had my back realigned by a chiropractor. Nothing has helped.

Since we were in the states waiting for dad’s operation – I decided to see an orthopedist. I had an MRI last week and found out on Monday that I have 3 major tears in my right shoulder/rotary cuff… tears that will not correct on their own. 

SO – on Sunday I’m scheduled to have a Covid-19 test and Tuesday (Oct 13th) I’ll be having shoulder surgery.

I’ll be in a sling for a month and need physical therapy for 4 months. I’ll be working with a therapist over the next 2 weeks so that I’ll know what to do once I fly back home.

Assuming there are no complications… we are now “planning” to fly back to Haiti on November 1st. I’m SO ready to be home for more than a few weeks at a time.


While I was meeting with the orthopedic surgeon on Monday… Jose was with Mikela meeting with an oral surgeon. We found out that Mikela needs her wisdom teeth out.

We all know Mikela’s got a “big mouth”!!🤣🤣 However – in reality – it’s actually too small for those teeth to grow in.

My Haitian children do not have insurance. We were just informed that the surgery will be $2800.00 and it can’t wait another year. UGH…

Mikela’s surgery is scheduled tomorrow! 😔


This year has been FULL of non-stop – never ending – unexpected expenses. 

🔴 Due to Covid – several of our supporters have had to cut back their support because they were laid off. 

🔴 Since most churches were unable to hold services – their offerings were down in general. Unfortunately, we lost 2 supporting churches this summer because they simply didn’t have the funds to give to missions. 

🔴 We do our annual boat shipment in August/September. This is where we buy a year’s worth of supplies for the ministry. This time of year is the most difficult & leanest time for our ministry account.

Our family motto is: Never A Dull Moment … we’ve lived that out ALL year long! BUT we’ve also lived a year where God showed up in unexpected ways – when hope seemed fleeting – when loneliness & anxiety consumed us.

I HATE fundraising for our family. I’d much rather share about our ministries and how God is allowing us to passionately pursue our calling. I feel guilty asking for help with our needs when I know EVERYONE is struggling. 

All we can do is let the need be known and believe God has some sort of plan to see us through… ESPECIALLY since none of our plans seem to be working out this year.

First and foremost we appreciate your prayers for our family.
-Not everyone is called to go…
-Not everyone is called to give…
-BUT everyone is called to pray.
So please keep our family, our ministry, our community, and our needs in your prayers.


You can make a donation online by clicking this link: GIVE
**Pick the “Castillo Family” from the drop down menu.


You can send a check to:
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7301 N Georgetown Rd Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268
**Please include a note that says: Castillo Family

As always we thank you for your prayers, love, encouragement, and support! We couldn’t do what we do without it.

❤️ With Our Deepest Appreciation & Love, ❤️
Jose, Jody, Gigi, Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, Gabe, Levi, Asher, Izzy, & Fabi

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