Candyland – Taste & See That The Lord is Good!

Our Theme This Year for Children’s Church is CANDYLAND! 

This has definitely been one of my favorite series! Each week I introduce a different type of candy – usually a tasty treat that the kids have never heard of!  They get to taste something totally unique to them – and I get the pleasure of tying it into the lesson!

This year we decided to hold our Children’s Church Services at night. Several of the schools in town require the kids to attend their church, even though they don’t offer anything for their age.

By doing it in the evenings, we are able to reach even more kids than usual and it doesn’t matter how loud we are! We love playing games out in the soccer field AND – they get the pleasure of being surrounded by our Christmas light displays!

Here are just a few examples of the candies/lessons we are speaking about each week:

Week One: Gum – Solomon was the wisest man on earth, and after trying to find pleasure in earthly things – he found everything to be meaningless. (Just like gum loses it’s flavor) Only Jesus can give us something that lasts.

Week 2: Sour Candy – When we follow our own plans – something that we thought would turn out sweet usually turns out sour. Following God often means letting go of our own plans and desires to follow His will.

Week 3: Mints – Sometimes when we sin, we try to cover it up. We can never hide our sins from God.

Week 7 Taffy: Sometimes life stretches us through hardship and pain. When that happens, God uses those things to shape us into the person He wants us to be.

Week 10 Red Hot Candy: All of us will face trials in our life. When we do, we can trust God to help us endure them. He will give us strength when things seem too hot for us to handle on our own!

** Needless to say…it’s been an absolutely blast meeting with the kids every week! It’s a 12-week series and we plan to end it with a HUGE SWEET PARTY!! 

Here are some pictures from the past several weeks!

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