Holy Week In The Mole…

When I look at the calendar, I can’t believe that it’s already mid-April.  Most days seem to fly right by… and yet other days can feel like a life-time.

When teams visit Haiti, I often share about the unforgettable encounters (spiritual warfare) both the mission and our family have faced over the past 41 years.

There were several years – several seasons – where the battle scars were so severe… that you knew full healing & restoration could only be received on the other side of Heaven.

We have entered into one of those seasons where we are going toe-to-toe  with those who believe “their gods” are more powerful than our own Lord & Savior  – Jesus Christ.

Though I do not believe that this is the platform in which to share those intimate details…  I will say that we are well aware of the secretive voodoo services that happen all around our campus perimeter.

We have dug up the countless animal parts that have been sacrificed & buried as curses against our ministry & family.  The goat intestines that were placed on the wall beside our home have been set ablaze alongside all of the other sacrifices.

This past February, I had to fly to the states for an unexpected surgery. Several different groups have claimed that their curses against our family are working – and my medical trip to the states was their proof. I guess if my trip out is the proof of their god… then who gets the glory for my return & continued ministry efforts?  Hmm.

Alas…. we are not defeated nor will we grow weary of doing good.  

God receives all the glory and we know He will sustain us as we work to be His hands, His feet, and His face!

Despite the best efforts of those who seek to destroy the work of the Lord… we had an incredible week of ministry leading up to Resurrection Sunday!


Below are some pictures from our Holy Week in the Mole!

Sunrise Service…
Our Sunrise Service was held on Easter Sunday at 7am.  Following the service, we served everyone peanut butter sandwiches and hot chocolate! 


St. Louis Youth Group…

We were SO blessed to host the youth group from our main campus this week! They led prayer & worship services, hosted seminars, and set such a great Godly example for our local youths. They not only served in our community, but they also evangelized in the Preskul Fishing Village as well.


Rice, Beans, & Cooking Oil Give Aways…

It’s been awhile since we have been able to pass out bags of food to the families who boldly serve the Lord every single day!

Sometimes we overlook/forget that the biggest missionaries we have in our organization – are the local staff that we are privileged to come alongside!

We were honored to deliver over a week’s worth of food to our core 20 staff – those who continually set the example of what it means to have hearts on fire for Jesus.


Donkey Give Aways…

Donkeys are a great way to help a family begin to support themselves. Donkeys can haul water, charcoal, or other needed supplies. Donkeys can be rented out daily or weekly as needed.

In general, we always purchase female animals so that their babies can also be sold as another way of providing funds for families!

This week we were able to bless 2 sweet families … and give them the opportunity to start their own business.


Surprise Gift Drop…

We have 2 staff members (that are neighbors) who are raising 13 kids! The majority of these children are not actually their own.  Out of these 13 kids – 11 of them are little girls!!

When staff members are able to have a consistent and full time job… many of their own family members will rely on them to help care for their nieces/nephews.

On Good Friday, we surprised these beautiful kids with a play kitchen, dishes/play food, soccer balls,  bags of candy, & jars of peanut butter! Rosie went with us and helped set everything up for them!

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  1. What amazing work you are doing! Thank you! Praying for all of you and that the community would see the work of our Mighty God!❤️🙏🏿

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