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Sorry I haven’t been very active on our personal family blog.  However, there have been a few fun updates on our “ministry” blog – molehaiti.org 

This past week, I got an email asking when I was having my hand surgery. I just realized that I had never shared about this latest and greatest drama on our personal blog.  I did post an update on Facebook, but I know that many people don’t have access to those updates.

For those of you who don’t use Facebook – this post is for you! 
If you are on Facebook – then you can totally skip this post!



As many of you already know, while packing crates last fall, I insured my right hand (causing nerve damage). I had to wear a hand-brace for 6 weeks.

AND –in the typical Castillo-fashion  a few months later – I managed to trip over my 3lb dog (Chloe) and fall down cement stairs.

That gracious fall caused me to dislocate one of the bones in the palm of my hand AND tore all the ligaments around it. Even though the bone only moved a millimeter, it resulted in the numbness of my fingers AND palm swelling if I grasp even a pencil in that hand. #neveradullmoment


On Tuesday, (Feb 15th)  I will have the first of two surgeries.

In this first surgery, they will cut the center of my hand to repair nerves/ligaments. AND – at the same time – they will begin to stretch-out other ligaments in preparation for my 2nd surgery.

After I completely heal from this first operation (roughly 10 weeks from now) – – I will have another surgery where they will completely remove that bone from the palm of my hand. The ligaments/tissues that were stretched from the first surgery, will now be used to “fill in” the area where the bone was.

The 2nd surgery is usually a last resort due to the intricacy & painful recover.  BUT as they say “Let the first be last AND the last be first” – so of course the last option for most people –  is my first & only option.

All that to be said, I am not looking forward to the next few months and the annoyance of not having my dominant right hand to use.

We plan to fly back into Haiti a few days after surgery, while we wait for the second one.

We appreciate your prayers for complete healing of my hand & patience for my family who now have to “literally” be my right hand!

(Oddly enough – some people say I was already a handful – before I even injured it! ) 😉😂

After I posted this original update on Facebook, I made several comments which I have included below:


Someone wrote: Prayers for patience for YOUR FAMILY?? Perhaps for someone else also? Always praying for all of you my dear friend!❤️🙏🏿

    • I replied: They need the patience to deal with my impatience! 😂 The surgeon told me I can’t lift more than a pound between surgeries.  The Surgeon said,Do you know what that means? I don’t want you to even hold a burger in that hand”.   I said, “I’m not sure what kind of burgers she’s used to, but I usually just eat a quarter pounder!” She laughed and then said,No seriously”!


Someone wrote: When you do anything, you always do it well! Prayers for healing.

    • I repliedI’m as passionate about my injuries as I am about my ministries! What’s that saying – “Go big or go home…or Go big or go to the ER”.? I think it’s something like that! 😉 Either way, it’s one of those mottos I try to live by! Haha!


Jose’s Comment: I just wanted to let everyone know that Jody’s surgery went very well. The anesthesia always makes her sick, so they had to give her extra medication which knocked her out. This morning has been very rough. Any movement of her hand causes her to cry. The surgeon said we could go back to Haiti after the first 48 hours. We would appreciate your prayers for healing and safe travel.



Right now, I’m on a plane heading home to Haiti! (Feb 18th)

I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and words of encouragement.

I’ve learned how to use the “microphone” button on the screen, so you can simply speak into the phone – and it types for you. It’s not a perfect system though.

Jose does have to review those texts and fix all the errors. For example, EVERY-TIME time I say “also” – it types something very different!  (HAHA)

Recovery is rough but nothing compared to my shoulder surgery. Due to my esophagitis, I can’t take ibuprofen because it causes too much acid. Tylenol isn’t as effective so there’s very little relief with meds.

My hope is that I won’t have any other medical drama (falls) and can wait at least 10 weeks (for surgery two). There is a little betting pool going on with the staff!

After every trip back home, they guess how many days until I have to fly out again for an emergency. They don’t lose any money if they don’t guess correctly, but I do give a “tip” to the one who is closest to the number of days!

There was a rumor that Bena colluded with the dog when I tripped … because he would have won if I had indeed flown out at the time. I have learned to make a game out of everything! HAHAHAHA!


So, that’s a little update on the craziness which is our life! LOL! I do have several more posts to share (blogs I started but never finished).

Since I’m not allowed to do very much (without my right hand), I should have some time to actually get it all done! I’m really great at typing one-handed! 😉


Now that you’ve read this somewhat depressing post, I wanted to reward you with a funny little video –  featuring those cute little stinkers  – Aria & Amia!  They really do make us laugh every day! And since laughter is the best medicine (and the only one that doesn’t give me acid) they are helping me recover quite nicely! (HAHA)

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