Children’s Church Kickoff – Part 2

Tonight was our Children’s Church Kick-off (part 2).

We had to postpone Children’s Church for most of December because of our Christmas Movie Nights. Then I flew out in January for hand surgery.

So it’s been awhile since we’ve met. So, tonight we invited the community kids for a movie night. 🍿 We started with games on the basketball court where winners were given prizes! 🎁

It was a great success with over 200 kids in attendance! (We bought 200 bags of chips and ran out before the movie even started).


We are the only ones in town who have a weekly Children’s ministry. Pierre said when he goes into town, all of the kids ask him when we are going to start again!

Several of the children who come to our program are from abusive homes. And I know for a fact… that we recently lost two 9-year old girls (who ALWAYS attended) – because they were exchanged/trafficked out… and replaced with new girls. 


For me, this ministry isn’t about sharing a generic Sunday school lesson.

It’s about making God’s Word come ALIVE!

It’s my chance to offer HOPE – that their pain, hunger, and hurt will not be forever.

Every service is about providing a safe space, sharing about a Father who loves them unconditionally, and reminding them that one day – Jesus will come for them.


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