Life Can Hurt, PLAY Can Heal…

I recently made a post asking for a Helping Hand, on our ministry blog,

If you haven’t had a chance to read that blog, please click on those links above.

Instead of reposting that appeal again, I thought it might be more beneficial to share about our brand new therapy room! This room plays an intricate part in our approach to aiding  women & children who are  entangled in abusive situations, 

As I shared on the mole blog Over the past decade, I have passionately pursued resources, schooling, seminars, conferences, and spent many years training right alongside licensed therapists.  With each new layer of darkness exposed, I have had the best back-up that anyone could ever pray for.

Back in 2018, we opened the first play therapy room  for the entire northwest zone of Haiti. Here’s a link to that post: PlayRoom

The room was very small, but so was the ministry at the time. As patients came to clinic, anyone suspected of physical/sexual abuse were referred  to the therapy room.

We have had many children as young a 7 years old with sexually transmitted diseases. We’ve had women come to the clinic with broken limbs and bruises – scars that an accidental fall could never cause. We are just as serious in scheduling this appointment, as we would be for any other medical specialist. 

There are a variety of techniques that allow for vulnerable children/women to express what they feel without having to ask direct questions. We have puppets, paint, games, role playing, drawing, sand tray therapy, as well as a variety of other techniques. Honestly, whatever works with the kids usually works on the adults as well.

Once we have established a trusting relationship,  in an environment where they feel completely safe – they courageously share their pain quite openly 90% of the time.  It doesn’t happen right away, usually after 3-4 appointments. 

As the patients begin to share… as predators become identified… as their truth completely  exposes all the darkness surrounding them – we do our best to help. However,  it’s often more dangerous for the children if we intervene in any way. There’s no social services here.  

In fact, when I reached out to authorities back in 2017 , I was ordered to “stay out of it”.  I was trying to resolve a serious problem for an 11 year old girl.  Somehow I managed to inadvertently cause more harm, as I haven’t seen that girl since the day I tried to get her help.

I remember reaching out to my therapy team, explaining how hopeless I felt listening to heart-wrenching stories, knowing I can’t make it better.

 I was reminded that providing a safe environment, allowing children to be seen & heard, showing unconditional love, & talking about that glorious day when Jesus comes – it’s not nothing.

For them, it’s everything. The hugs, the love, the laughs, the smiles…. they look forward to it every week. Their demeanor from the first visit versus a month of meetings, is night & day. It feels like nothing when I can’t fix it…but it’s not nothing to them. 

So, as the ministry grew, so did the room! This past summer we moved from our little room into another one that’s 3-times the size! Not only did we gain more space, but it just so happened that my “back-up” (our therapist, Joan) was here to move us over. 

The President was assassinated the week she was here with her family and their trip got extended several more days. We didn’t waste a single moment, as we now had time to move into the new suite! I’ll share about their time here in another blog. But for now, I’m excited to show you our newly renovated space! 


Please consider donating towards our ministry’s needs.

The financial burden we carry for this entire campus is heavy. I know life isn’t easy for anyone – no matter where you live

For us – less travelers, higher gas/food prices, Haiti’s political instability, my own continued medical/surgical emergencies, & the scarcity of needed supplies ….aww it’s a lot to carry.  

This is just one of many ministries that God has placed upon our heart. It’s often the one that gets overlooked, simply because meeting the needs of our children’s home takes priority and there’s little left afterwards. 

However, my prayer is that no only do our campus children grow up to be ambassadors for Christ, but that those in the community also feel His love & presence.

Please pray that HIS light doe not grow dim – as we strive to stomp out the darkness in Mole St Nicolas.


NWHCM    7984 West State Rd 32.   Lebanon, IN 46052.   – OR   ONLINE GIVING – CLICK HERE

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