Summer Games EQUALS Water-filled Fun!

For the past 3 weeks, all of our campus residents have been competing in weekly competitions. The team with the most points at the end of the month –  will get to attend a special 4th of July Party in our yard- complete with food, games, swimming, and fireworks!

To learn more about the competitions from our first 3 weeks – check out our ministry blog:



At 5:30pm, we set-up the basketball court in preparation for tonight’s water games! We had 10 different water-themed competitions! 💦🪣

At 6:50pm, we all met in the cafeteria – so Pierre & I could explain how to play each game.

Though there are 20 members in each team…most games only require 3-10 people. Team captains were required to divide out their group equally – so that EACH person participated in at least 3 different games.

At 7:20pm, we were ready to play game 1. 🔫💧

At 9:30pm, we still had 5 games left. We took a vote to decide if they wanted to stop since it was getting late. ⭐️🌙 BUT EVERYBODY – especially the adults – wanted to keep going!

At 10:15pm, I finally concluded the night. There were still 3 more games left, but we were exhausted! 😴

The best part of ANY activity we do, is watching everyone else laugh & fully engage. They ABSOLUTELY loved tonight!! 💜  I really think they could have kept going if I would have let them! 

In fact, we had a crowd of people on the streets watching us through the chain-link fence – cheering for everyone! 📣 👏


As always, it takes forever to upload photos & videos to our blogs. Hopefully by this weekend, I’ll be able to post pictures & share all about our night! So, don’t forget to check out our ministry blog in a few days!

In the meantime, enjoy our short video from tonight!

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