Children’s Church Reward Party!

Last week was the final lesson of our series – You’ve Got Talent. This Sunday we will have a Talent Show! The kids in children’s church will perform & 200 guests have been invited.

Each time we start a new theme – we start a a new competition. Each week, children can earn points by: attendance, inviting friends, memorizing scripture, answering questions, & turning in homework. 

Since we wrapped up the series last Sunday, we had our “reward” party yesterday! We decided to do something different this time. Instead of the usual carnival-type games….we had a pool party!

At 3pm, the boys who had the most points came to our house. We watched a few cartoons while we waited for everyone to arrive. We then played 30 minutes of games. After that, they had 90 minutes to swim, jump on the trampoline, or play foosball.

At 5pm, the girls who had the most points arrived! The girls and the boys both ate together. After they ate, the boys were given a bag full of prizes & candy as they left the party.

The girls went to the classroom to watch a few cartoons and play games. Then they too had 90 minutes to swim, jump on the trampoline, or play other outdoor games. They were also given a bag full of candy & prizes too.

We had a lot of fun together…but it definitely felt like a LONG day since we started at 3pm and didn’t finish until 8pm. 

Below are some pictures from our day of fun!





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