Prayers For God To Make A Way…

MAF has tirelessly sacrificed and filled the gap for our family and ministry for over a decade!

Through my MANY medical emergencies- we’ve become very close friends with the pilots. They have stayed on our campus many times and text with Jose ALL the time (whether they want to or not!)😂😉

The running joke is that they know when we book a cargo flight – they’ll be spending HOURS loading everything Jose could think of! #NoPoundLeftBehind 

It’s funny because they live in PAP but Jose buys things from there that they never even knew you could find!

They have flown our family on holidays and Sundays and during the most inconvenient times for them. They work patiently and graciously with everyone who is blessed to know them.

Losing this incredible ministry tool – is definitely prompting a whole new level of anxiety for all of the missionaries on the field. We rely on them when things don’t go as planned. And as you already know – there’s NEVER a dull moment for us! 

I am going to be required to upgrade my faith and belief in God’s sovereignty …. which I know will feel VERY uncomfortable at times. It’s like having no phone signal –  and therefore having no way to call 911 when/if you need it. 

But God has not changed our calling or where we are meant to serve. I have NO idea what will happen to those of us who depend on this vital ministry.

But what I do believe is … whenever that next family emergency unfolds  (and it will) – -He will make a way where there seems to be no way.


Please pray for MAF’s staff and family as they slow down operations and officially close April 1st.

Please pray that God will reveal a new plane service that can fill this gap – during this next year while MAF is away.

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