As many of you know, MAF has pulled out of Haiti for this upcoming year. Our family has been blessed because another pilot (named RUSS) has been able to fly many missionaries in their absence. He was the one who flew our family in May.

However, Russ left for the states last month and will not be back in Haiti until late August.


Malaya is scheduled to leave Haiti tomorrow. She’s got orientation at college later this week.

We knew when she flew back here in May, that we had no real plan for her “way out” at the end of July. However, all of us agreed that she was meant to spend the summer here and it would somehow work itself out.

 We have spent months trying to find a plane – ANY plane – willing to land here. NOTHING worked out, despite all of our prayers and efforts.

For the past several days, I (personally) felt responsible that Malaya was going to mess up her fall semester of college.

Selfishly, I  wanted her with me during the Princess Camp. I wanted to spend the summer with our college-bound girl. I brought her here not having ANY CLUE how she would get back.

After months of trying- we could NOT find a safe, simple passage for her to leave the Mole. We had no choice but to accept our fate – going by plane to PAP was just not gonna happen. (Going by a 12-hour bus ride with gang-filled roadblocks was ALSO not an option either.)

SO …. It was time for the dreaded Plan B.


Malaya and Jose would have to take a 6-HOUR truck-ride to Port-de-Paix on Saturday.

Then they’d take a 3-hour boat from there to a village 90-minutes from Cap Haitian today.

Finally, she’d fly from Cap Haitian to PAP… then PAP to Miami tomorrow.

After seeing Malaya off, Jose would have to take that crazy adventure back home to us.


On Friday, (the day before Plan B) Jose heard a plane fly over the town and rushed to the airstrip. The pilot happens to have family-ties here in the Mole.

After meeting with the owner of the plane – and offering him a lift to his hotel... he informed us HIS plane was coming back to get him Sunday.

He said he’d be happy to offer Malaya a free seat back to PAP on his plane!

WHAT?!? For real?

Think about this….

What are the odds of living in a 3rd world country with a travel 4 warning – where a pilot just happens to be spending THIS VERY weekend in our village?




Thank You Jesus for – “Making a way where there seems to be NO WAY”… and showing-up for our family in such a bold, tangible way!

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