Top 10 Reasons I need a Drink…..

Granted there are a lot of work-related stresses which I listed before. But my crazy kids don’t help either! The things that they say and do…!  

In fitting with the previous theme – here is another David Letterman – Top 10 List all about my children!

Top 10 Child-Related Reasons JODY Is On Anti-Stress Pills…..

10) Spent an entire afternoon cleaning the toy room: play-food is together, barbie doll stuff in a little tub, baby doll toys are together, and play clothes are folded on the shelves……..ONLY for Gigi to find her way into the toy room the next morning and throw every single thing out of the tubs and into the middle of the room!

9)On our way to a church cook-out the girls stand up in our van. I tell them if they don’t stay seated and buckled in – the police will take mommy to jail. At the cook-out Malaya volunteers to pray………….ONLY after she blesses the food – she prays that the police won’t find mommy and take her to jail!

8)We visit my sister in her new home in Commericial Point, OH….. ONLY to realize my family raises the ethnic population by 200%!

7) The 7 of us are boarding a plane to Lexington, KY……ONLY you can hear everyone saying “please don’t let them sit by me” under their breath! 

6)The girls always say “you’re going to make me cry” anytime we correct their behavior. When I ask Jose to do something (like change a diaper) he mimicks the girls and says the same thing. The Preacher at VBS is pretending to cry because the kids aren’t inviting their friends to church. His son yells “your making my daddy cry.” Wouldn’t think much about it………..ONLY Mikela yells out, “My mommy makes my daddy cry all the time!”

5) Our family is being seated at a booth in the Frisch’s Restaurant……..ONLY before they’ve even taken our drink order –  three couples have already asked to be re-seated! 

4) I spend hours braiding the girls hair – doing the best I can do and I think it looks good……...ONLY to be stopped two different times at Walmart by “Sisters” who tell me I have to do something about their nappy hair! Then they give me their stylists numbers – and one lady offers to come to my house to fix their hair for me!

3) The girls are asked to sing a song in front of a supporting church……ONLY instead of Jesus Loves Me – they sing “I’ve Got To Move On and Be Who I Am” ….from High School Musical! 

2) Jose and I have to be at morning devos every day at 6:45 except Sundays! We sleep-in till 8 am which shouldn’t be a problem…….ONLY the kids wake up at 7 am and walk over to where the Americans are and tell them “we’re hungry and our parents won’t wake up and feed us”!

1) Rosie likes to be held by someone all the time. She thinks every American wants to hold her since they do in Haiti all the time. Not normally a problem…………ONLY we’re in the States and Rosie decides to crawl underneath the bathroom stall at a Logans Restaurant and sit on a lady’s lap who is in there for the long haul (if you know what I mean)!!

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