We will be loading up our Christmas gifts and decorations into the large container to ship to Haiti at the end of the month. We put out an announcement in the mission newsletter that we’re looking for used Christmas decorations if anyone had anything they would like to donate. So far we’ve had only three people respond. If you have anything that you can add to our pile – we would LOVE IT if you would ship it this next week


NWHCM  150 Laralan Rd     Building E          Frankfort, KY 40601


Post Office:

NWHCM      PO BOX 829      Versailles, KY 40383

Last year we did this amazing Christmas display in the courtyard. The kids were so excited! They had never seen so many lights and it was really nothing compared to what we have here. I really want to do it up big this year – if only to allow them to forget where they live if even for a moment. Last year we showed Christmas movies and talked about the real reason for Christmas inside the courtyard. On Christmas Eve we made hot chocolate and gave out candy  in the midst of all the lights. There were hundreds of kids there and they talked about it for days. For many of them – it was the only gifts they got that year. If you don’t have any lights or decorations but would like to purchase some – they’re pretty easy to find online. We had a few of those inflatables that the children really loved – they had never seen them before. We pretty much will take anything – even inside decorations. 

Anything you can do to help would be a great blessing!

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