We’ve Been Invaded….

When Jose and I built our house – we took extra time and money to seal it off. We filled in all the holes, cemented all the cracks, we keep all our windows closed, we even have the only storm door in Haiti just to protect ourselves from mice, roaches, bugs, or any other critters. 

We have a Bagon party every two weeks where we spray all around our food depot and all around the house. Now – with all those protections in place – the only way anything can really get into the house is through the front door. For 6 years – we’ve protected our home without fail!

We lived a nearly bug-free life…….until one day when Jose and I brought them right through the front door – Roaches that is. When our food crate came – we unloaded all of our boxes of food and put them right into the cabinets. Those little german roaches decided to hop a ride inside the food boxes and about two months ago we began to notice all their babies running around on our countertops.

Momma Gigi (who is our nanny and cleans the house) and Jose have an agreement not to let me know when they see things because they know I can’t handle it! That was a great plan until one night I wanted some water and turned on the light to a massive party happening on my countertops!

We’ve taken everything out of the cabinets – this was about two weeks before I left. We’ve sprayed and sprayed. Little by little we began to make some headway. Then I got sick and we left. Then the power went out and the house was so hot it was abandoned. Everyone including the dogs slept outside. Momma Gigi said there was never any water to clean so she didn’t come for over a week. 

Well no one thought to check the freezer or fridge that are in my house. I wish we would have thought to tell them too. We lost over 800.00 worth of meats in our freezer. But that’s not the worst of it – Momma Gigi called me tonight and said we’ve lost the battle. With the heat those suckers have multiplied – there is more action happening in our house right now…..well I won’t finish that sentence!

Those critters have even invaded the fridges! GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS! 

They seem to mainly be in the kitchen but as we spray they’re headed to other parts of the house. Momma Gigi said the only way to win the war is to tear out the bottom cabinets in our kitchen. That’s become their breeding ground and they hide within the cracks of the wood. 

Now I was in the group kitchen when they decided to rip out a wooden window. I won’t tell you what I saw – it’s too horrifying to recapture what happened as several of us stood by that window and then ran for cover when it came out. 

Tomorrow they will tear out those bottom cabinets with a few of our nannies/friends. The nannies will be armed with Bagon, gloves, and brooms! As soon as those cabinets come crashing down they’ll be ready to defend the house! They’re putting towels and sealing off the other rooms just to protect them. I can only imagine what tomorrow will look like!!

So pray for us tomorrow. While the roaches won the battle – we will win the war. I just hope the only casualties are from the other side! YUCK!

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