Insurance Companies are the DEVIL!

Now it’s true. It’s 4am and past history should tell me it’s never good to blog when I really should be sleeping. However – I feel a little compelled to write as I’ve received yet again a beautiful email about how if I had insurance then I wouldn’t have all these bills.

Now when I say that Insurance companies are the devil…..I’m not telling them to “go to” the place where the Devil reigns. I’m thinking it. NO – I’m not even thinking it. Because that would be a sin. It would be a sin right? Yeah – it’s a sin. SO – I”m just saying that I think when Jesus comes – he might not take them to Heaven!

I feel like this post might override the joyous post about picking a shirt color. So please make sure you read that one too since I posted these within hours apart.

I feel a little bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Don’t act like you haven’t seen it. You know the scene where Julia goes shopping on Rodeo Drive in Bevery Hills….you know where she goes into a nice store and they look at her in disgust and tell her there’s nothing in this store for her? Then she goes into the hotel and the manager looks at her and says – You need to dress better. Then she starts crying and says – “That’s what I tried to do. I have all this money and no one will help me”.

Okay – for those of you who haven’t seen that movie – if you’re read the blog – Rosie, Rosie, Rosie – then it’s a little like that. Rosie is so high maintenance that she gets kicked out of VBS. Even though the church is collecting offering – they don’t even want Rosie’s quarters.

Now keeping that in mind – let me tell you about our situation…..

I’ve applied to several of the well known insurance companies – Blue Cross, State Farm, Humana, United, etc. I’ve had people tell me – don’t go to those big companies – try my health insurance company. So we did. Now not every rejection letter is written the same but they basically tell me to get out of their store and keep my quarters!

Something about my health history is just a real turn off. I mean I don’t get it. So maybe I’m a little overweight. Big deal – so is half of America! So maybe I had 4 blood transfusions last year. So I may or may not have diverticulitis. So maybe I threw up blood this past year and contract random third world illnesses. So I may or may not have had a stroke this past month. So maybe I will have to continue to see neurologist for migraines for the rest of my life. I mean big deal right? So I live in a foreign country and have had malaria 5 times and one of my kids had typhoid this year. So maybe I have high blood pressure from time to time because of stress. So I have arthritis and a herniated disc in my neck and am told will need surgery in the future. Who doesn’t have problems with their spinal cord? So what – when I was pregnant I almost died during childbirth. So maybe I was in the hospital a week before I had Gabriel and days afterwards due to complications!  So what – all the ER doctors in Miami know me by name now! I mean give me a break already? Who doesn’t have that kind of history and more? Big deal right?

Well apparently it is! You see – not that I have a lot of money but when I offer to give it to them – they tell me NO! Why not charge me 1000.00/month for insurance or something outrageous right? Apparently they don’t even want me in their system.! I don’t think they even want me in their town!! Something about being too high risk! I mean high-risk? Why would they say that? I don’t understand!

So I appreciate all the very well-meaning emails and lectures about having health insurance. I agree with you all. Just tell the insurance companies to take me off their “NO INSURE LIST” and take my quarters!!! 🙂

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  1. Amen! Amen! I have been serving in the Lord’s army for 20 years. In those 20 years, there have only been 2 churches that offered a health program that would actually cover all my needs. Leaving it my responsibility to get a personal insurance policy. IT CAN’T BE DONE! If you had diarhea twice in the last year, you’re on a NO INSURE LIST. Much less if you have had any kind of surgery. I’ve even had the joy of seeing a doctor change a prescription for my son and give him meds based on the medicine samples in his office. How degrading. I remember walking out of one visit with liquid meds designed for a toddler. So to compensate, we had to take a half cup of the meds to get enough miligrams of it in my boy. Which of course brings me to my own personal decision, marry for insurance and equity! Too late for you on that but for all you single girls, definitely the way to go!

  2. Hey Jody,

    I just wanted to let you know that me and my whole family are praying for you and Jose and the kids, not to mention Janeil and his family. I love you guys and am so sad that I was unable to make a trip this summer, but I’m deploying soon and Kate and I moved as well.

    Believe me, I will be back down to Haiti just as soon as I get back from my year in Africa. God bless you, dear sister!

    -Andrew Blakely

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