Just Burn It Down

Those are the thoughts and feelings I have right now as I just got off the phone with Momma Gigi. She had called to find out how I was doing. However – I could tell in her voice that she had some bad news to give me. I told her just to say it – what’s wrong? She got really quiet. 

I immediately asked her if Gigi was okay and if her family was okay. I thought perhaps someone had died. She laughed and said no one has died. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she was afraid I would come back home and be very disappointed in her. 

She said that there is still no power for a good portion of the day. They use a small generator to pump water. She has tried her best but she said when you sit down at the dinning room table – the bamboo chairs – they’ve been overrun by those little Roaches! She said even our living room furniture which is also wood with cushions – she said they’ve made their way there too. We’re not talking about a little roach problem with a dozen or so roaches. We’re talking about hundreds of tiny little gray ones. 

Jose and I are anxious to get back into Haiti and yet with news like that – no power and house full of bugs – it takes away a little of the joy in thinking of returning home. Gigi is still sleeping in Heaven’s Waiting Room at night because of the heat – and it just breaks our heart that we can’t be there right now.

I told Momma Gigi – we should just burn down the house! She told me that she took all the furniture upstairs on our roof in the sun and we continue to go through a can of bagon a day! 

I know this sounds crazy – but I’m asking for prayers for our home! With the last few stressful weeks – I just don’t want to think about coming home to that. We’ve got Jacques looking for foggers in Port-au-Prince but seriously – maybe we should just burn it down!

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  1. Jody, Google “boric acid roach”
    The stuff is awesome against roaches. Lasts for years. I think it is sold under Roach Proof. A simple easy to squirt white powder

  2. I am so bringing some boric acid to you. I think it is your only hope. Can you get that in PAP?

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