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Our Christmas Miracles…..


You are looking at BABY A and BABY B!

You are looking at BABY A and BABY B!

Not to sound like a Christmas Song  – BUTDO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? 

That’s right – you’re looking at one of the first pictures of our twins! God doubled His blessings on our family and gave us two little miracles! Looking on the ultrasound screen – seeing two floating little lima beans – it’s no wonder that we are in Awe of our Father in Heaven! Who else could create just delicate little “beings”? While it took a little time to adjust to this new adventure at first – it hasn’t taken long at all to embrace these miracles and to already be head-over-heels in love! As we finish our first trimester and begin the New Year – we couldn’t wait to share what God’s doing in our lives! Please keep our family and these little babies in your prayers. We know we still have a long way to go – but we’re so grateful we don’t have to do it alone!

May God Grant You Miracles and Blessings Beyond Belief!

Merry Christmas!

Jose, Jody, Gigi, Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, Gabriel, and (2 to be named later!).