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Rosie’s grandmother just came to deliver the news that Mimose has just passed away. We are having a small wake tonight for her and then she will be buried first thing tomorrow morning. Jose went to go get the casket we made and is taking it to her house.

It amazes me because this was Rosie’s fate. Had we not taken her in a long time ago – today she would have watched her mom die a very slow death. She would have no father or no mother and on one else to look after her. As skinny as her mom was – I imagine she would be very malnourished. Perhaps she would have already died because of the Tetanus and Cerebral Malaria that she had when she was just a baby. It amazes me how God intervened on Rosie’s behalf and placed her in our care.

Please be in prayer for her family and for our family as we close a significant chapter in Rosie’s life.