North American Christian Convention

Jose took the kids to the convention this week in Louisville. We kept debating about whether he should go or not since I just got out of the hospital with the babies – but the kids have been looking forward to going for a while. It’s only an hour from here so Jose is spending every other night here and driving back. I’ve been REALLY blessed to have my sister and momma here. You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child? Well how many does it take to raise 7 children?? Right now it takes 3 to take care of the twins – mainly because I can still barely walk right now -although I’m getting stronger every day.

I have to share this story though that Jose told me. He said yesterday that a lady came by the booth. She said she had been to a CIY conference where thousands of people were. She had heard about a missionary to Haiti who was pregnant with twins and having a really difficult time. She said they prayed for this lady there at the conference and then her church has continued to pray for her.

She was going around to each of the Haiti booths to see if she could find out anything about this lady. Jose asked her if she remembered the name. She said it was JODY something. She couldn’t remember the last name. Jose told her that he was the husband and the babies were born last Thursday. He told me she began to cry. She couldn’t believe that she was meeting the “husband” of this lady she had been praying for and then to hear the news that everything was okay – it was just a God-thing. Jose said it made him teary-eyed talking to this lady and I cried when he told me. To think that we were even brought up at a CIY convention – that it meant enough for this lady to continue to pray for us and she’s never met us – for it to mean so much that she went to all the Haiti booths – — I feel so humbled… very, very humbled.

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