Month: August 2009


I was reading through some of my “drafts” that I wrote for the blog and realized I never posted this. I read back through it and thought this was still relevant today  – so why not post it! In Haiti there is a saying we often hear – […]

On Our Way Home…

WE ARE SO EXCITED….SO EXCITED……SO EXCITED….SO EXCITED – TO BE GOING HOME! We have started our drive down to Florida where we will then fly into Haiti! God has been so good to us. The babies just got cleared from the doctor. They got their shots and have […]


Jose took the kids to swim with Curtis and Danielle while they were out for a wedding. He was pleasantly surprised when Janeil and Heather brought Grant (who was out for the month)! Jose told me as soon as he put Gabriel’s swim suit on  –BOOM – Gabriel […]

New Family Photo….

We managed to take a picture of all the kids before Gigi headed back to Haiti. Of course Gigi wanted her doll with her and Gabriel wasn’t going to cooperate without his little puppy! We want to thank Andy and Erika Olsen for also taking the time to […]

Words Of Wisdom….

When my family moved to Versailles we attended Woodford Christian Church. Gary Black was the preacher and my father was an associate. Gary has since then moved on to work at Southland Christian Church in Lexington. Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of reading some […]

It’s The Little Things….

Ever been bit by a tiger? What about a bear? Ever been bit by an ant? What about a mosquito?  You see…it’s the little things that get us! While being bitten by a bear would certainly hurt (although very unlikely to happen)….that mosquito bite will itch and drive […]

Update On Jael…

We just found out that the tumor is cancerous and she needs aggressive treatment. Words cannot express how deeply saddened I am. I was looking at pictures of her after her surgery and tears just streamed down my cheeks. I just kept imaging what if this was Malaya? […]

Jose is Coming Home Today!

After spending a few days in Port-au-Prince trying to fly out – Jose was confirmed on tickets to leave today!! I’m so excited! Yesterday he was at the airport from 6am – 7pm trying to go stand-by out of Haiti and the flights weren’t just full – but […]

WOW! What Happened to You?

Those were the first thoughts I had yesterday afternoon as I looked into the mirror…..bags under my red eyes, most of my hair no longer in a ponytail, skin is dry, and still in my PJ’s. I wrote a poem a few days ago  – My Walk With […]