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On Our Way Home…


We have started our drive down to Florida where we will then fly into Haiti! God has been so good to us. The babies just got cleared from the doctor. They got their shots and have done well on the road. My headaches have been under control for the most part too.

Please keep Beth Lockwood in your prayers this week. She is our homeschool teacher and she will also be flying into Haiti with us! She jumped off the diving board and is answering a call to Haiti. It’s an exciting and yet overwhelming time! It’s never fun to say good-bye to family and friends! Please pray for her during this transition time.

Things seem to be lining right up for our return!

Did I mention I was SO EXCITED to go home!! 🙂

We managed to fit  nearly 20 bags into our van! It’s being held together by bungie cords – but it’s all there!!


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  1. So glad to hear you are getting to go home. Wow how exciting but kind of scarey with two new little ones. I pray all will go well for you and can’t wait to see the kids. They all have grown so much. See you in Haiti. 🙂

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