Month: September 2009

Prayers For Little Thomas….

Our huge-hearted Courtney (who manages the Miriam Center) just added a sweet little boy named Thomas. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby. He’s a little over 2 months old. He has good skin and is well-fed. He has no mother or father anymore but you can tell that whoever […]

A Simple Touch….

Bedtime around our house is very interesting. Gabriel is now sleeping in a toddler bed because we needed his crib for Levi. It’s funny now that Gabriel isn’t “caged” in a crib –  he can get out of his bed anytime he wants. Often in the middle of […]

I Need A Savior…..

Does it take losing someone in order to find yourself? I haven’t slept in over a week….I can’t shut my mind down. It has given me many chances to be alone with the Lord and my thoughts. I’ve been thinking of children mourning over their mommy…… experiencing their first […]

Fly To Jesus and Live…..

I’ve spent the last several nights emailing one of my best friends – Angel. Angel interned here in Haiti several times and was in the process of moving here when her mom got sick.  I wrote several months ago about her mom – Kandiance. She’s was diagnosed with […]

Reality – Check….

I knew that coming back home would be good for me – a good reminder of what matters. It’s so easy to be caught up in our own little world that we forget about the bigger picture. The last several months I’ve cried “woe is me” on just […]