It was a very long but beautiful day. We got up at 4am and I feel like we spent most of the day running from plane to plane and then finally got to PAP where we waited for hours at the airport. The kids were so tired but they did SO good. It was overwhelming traveling with the babies – – but it was really as smooth as it could be. Our bags were overweight but never questioned. It took forever to go through security but we got our own special line.The babies cried a lot but again were pretty well behaved. To every negative there was an equal if not better positive!  We felt God’s hands throughout the whole day.

There were about 10 people waiting for us at the airport to help us with the kids. The truck was there and we were on our way!! I didn’t think about much on our way home..just how tired I was. However – I was completely caught off guard and moved to tears by a very heart-felt welcome! I was sitting infront of the truck talking to momma Gigi when all of a sudden I heard a ton of screaming. We weren’t even through the St. Louis gates yet and people were running toward us. It took me a few seconds to figure out who the people were – -it was my family! My friends and staff from the mission were running towards our truck. They all had special headbands on that they made to wear today. I got out of the truck down by the cemetary and much to my surprise again – walked up to the mission with the herd of people. I was so tired and so out of shape – I can’t believe I made it! That was a surprise in itself!  We stopped along the way – cried together, sang together, and prayed together! When I arrived at the gates of the mission –  all the program people – granmoun, baby orphanage, and miriam center were all in the courtyard in their Sunday clothes. Again..I just wept. I tried to give a short talk but cried through most of it.

Thank you all for your prayers and love and support over this last year. Tonight marked the end of an amazing journey full of mountains and valleys. On every door of my home is a “welcome home sign” addressed to whoever sleeps in that room, a verse, and a prayer. There’s my favorite fake Haitian flowers on our kitchen table!! I’m laying in MY bed, Gabriel is playing with his cars on the floor, the girls are dressed up in their play clothes and high heels, and the babies are sound asleep in their new room!!  I’m home….

4 responses to “I’M HOME! I’M HOME! I’M HOME! I’M HOME!”

  1. Now I’m brought to tears by you. That is awesome!!! What an amazing homecoming. So happy for you all. Praying for continued health for your family and that all your needs are met. Love you!

  2. I too have tears streaming down my face. The Haitian faces are of God’s love and compassion. Glad you made it back safely. I’ll be praying for all as you adjust to life at the mission. Miss and love you all,Laura

  3. Jody and family: It is so good to hear that you are finally home in Haiti and that all is well. I pray for you and your family daily and I hope to see you and your family in January, 2010. Love, Pat Duzan

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