Another Update on Jael…

As many of you know – I’ve been asking for prayers for a little girl named Jael. Many of you have emailed me asking for an update. Even though I’m in Haiti and consumed by many things….my heart and mind still goes out to this little girl. I constantly check for her mom’s updates.  I think it’s because when I was talking to Barb – she was just talking about how her daughter had a headache….just a general conversation. Then the very next minute her world was turned upside down. What was once afternoons playing with dolls is now filled with days of chemotherapy and all the side effects that come with it. The survival chances of this precious little baby girl have been narrowed down to numbers I don’t even want to think about.

There is something about Jael that reminds me so much of Malaya that I can’t hardly stand it. I’m laying in bed with Malaya right now watching Hannah Montana and listening to her tell me all about her day playing with all the babies in the baby orphanage and singing with Moleon and Ivenor. Walking around the campus is truly amazing – so many changes. The girls can’t stop talking about how beautiful the Miriam Center is and how many new babies are in the orphanage! To go from that “general conversation”  to having a sick child – I can’t even begin to imagine if that was my little Malaya who  had to endure such pain.

Kids are resilient. Look at the smile on little Jael’s face…..her “new haircut”. Kids have such a way of showing us what faith is about and they have no clue the impact they make. I have this picture below on my computer desktop so Im constantly reminded to pray for Jael. Every night my children pray for her without hesitation. They often ask me – is that little girl okay? Momma….is Jael in the hospital or home with her mommy? Do you think that God knows she’s sick? So many questions for such little girls….

I ask you all to pray for Jael and for her family. I can’t think of a better family deserving your prayers.



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