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Our Little Gigi Girl…

Over the past week  I’ve shared the stories of Rosie and Mikela and how they came into our lives. I have had several ask me to share Gigi’s story as well. Of course I’m always happy to talk about any of my beautiful kids! Here’s Gigi’s story: When […]

Thomas is Now at Peace…

At 4:45am this morning Thomas met His Healer and will no longer feel any pain. One of the most precious things today was talking with Celidia – a caretaker in the Miriam Center. She loved little Thomas like he was her own. The small service was held at […]

Prayers For Little Thomas….

Our huge-hearted Courtney (who manages the Miriam Center) just added a sweet little boy named Thomas. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby. He’s a little over 2 months old. He has good skin and is well-fed. He has no mother or father anymore but you can tell that whoever […]

Gigi is Sick..

It’s 5am and Gigi has had about 13 baths today. She is running a high fever and her body is limp. She is 8 years old and learned to walk last fall. Ever since she learned to walk – you can’t hold her down. She goes everywhere. That’s […]

Our Little Gigi has Typhoid

I got this email from Melissa who is in Haiti right now. Gigi is sick and she has typhoid. We checked her this morning. She is doing a lot better this afternoon. Magdala put an IV in and she doesn’t seem to be throwing up as much. Last […]