Prayers For Little Thomas….

Our huge-hearted Courtney (who manages the Miriam Center) just added a sweet little boy named Thomas. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby. He’s a little over 2 months old. He has good skin and is well-fed. He has no mother or father anymore but you can tell that whoever was taking care of him really loved him. Thomas has hydrocephalus. That means the pressure in his head is causing it to swell. If he were in the states we’d just put a shunt in and he’d be okay. Last week when he was at the mission he was smiling and happy – reminded me of my little boys. But a few days ago we noticed the pressure in his head growing. His little veins are starting to protrude and we believe he is going blind now. He cries out in a lot of pain – or perhaps just because he’s scared now that his vision is lacking.

Courtney has spent much of her time loving on him – providing him as much comfort as she can before Jesus calls him home. I have had a hard time visiting with this little boy – I just keep picturing if that were Levi or Asher. I didn’t visit him the last two days as just the thought of him brought tears to my eyes. But tonight I felt like God was wanting me to visit with him although I can’t explain why. It was all I could do not to completely breakdown in front of all of the workers.

When I do see a sick child – my nursing instincts often kick in. I can’t help it. Seeing him sweat downstairs and looking very miserable….. Jose and I carried him up to our house. I have him in Levi’s swing rocking back and forth. He seems to like it. He cries out often – yet that “simple touch” often quiets him down. As I don’t sleep at night anyways….what’s more kid? I pray that whatever small things I do…in some way  – it brings little Thomas comfort tonight.

Today my little boys laughed out loud for the first time. We weren’t doing anything to make them laugh – I could only imagine that angels were tickling their little feet. I know that angels are also surrounding little Thomas….perhaps their hearts ache much like mine.

Please pray for Thomas – that he will find comfort and peace. That the same angels that surround my little boys will also hold Thomas while he is scared and in pain.


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  1. I am waiting for a phone call right now to find out whether or not Jael has hydrosephylas. So scared that she could and that would mean a surgery to put in a shunt. God is giving me serious perspective through Thomas. We are so fortunate to have that option.

    Praying for little Thomas. God bless you all.

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