Update On Jael…

We just found out that the tumor is cancerous and she needs aggressive treatment. Words cannot express how deeply saddened I am. I was looking at pictures of her after her surgery and tears just streamed down my cheeks. I just kept imaging what if this was Malaya? What if I had to hold my little baby who felt so much pain, who didn’t understand why she wasn’t in her own bed, who just wants to play with her dolls like any normal little girl, who wonders where her brothers and sisters are…who can’t understand why her mommy looks so worried.

I appreciate all the emails of people praying for this family…this family that you do not know. That’s the beautiful thing about God’s people. We don’t have to know each other in order to pray for each other. We don’t have to know each other in order to feel each other’s pain. We don’t have to know each other in order to offer a helping hand.

Please feel free to post some words of encouragement for Barb (Jael’s mom). It’s the uniting of God’s people that can bring peace and healing.

I shared in an earlier post that a lady heard about ME (pregnant lady who was struggling and was a missionary from Haiti) at a CIY convention. She prayed for ME everyday even though she never knew who I was.  She went to the NACC and went to every Haitian booth looking for news about me. When she met Jose she broke down and cried. Who would have thought that the prayers from someone we didn’t even know would have such an impact on Jose and I? She herself felt so blessed and honored to pray for us. It’s just something that I can’t believe God did for us…..and I will never forget how HE used this lady.

Please continue to lift this family…this family you do not know…..in prayer.


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  1. Barb – Our heart is breaking with yours. Though we have never met I am lifting you and Jael and your whole family up in prayer. Though we don’t always understand why these things happen, we do know the promise that God is always in control and he is going to use this situation to touch many lives. We will continue to pray for all of you and for complete healing for Jael. May you feel his love as he holds all of you closely through this. Thanks Jody for keeping us posted. The twins are a great testimony to what powerful prayers can do. 🙂

  2. Thank you Shelly. You have no idea how much the comments and emails I got helped me make it through some very rough nights. Often I felt like God didn’t have me on his radar…that I was alone….and yet constantly I was reminded from people like you that I wasn’t alone but had an army praying on my behalf. Love you!!

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