Jose is Coming Home Today!

After spending a few days in Port-au-Prince trying to fly out – Jose was confirmed on tickets to leave today!! I’m so excited! Yesterday he was at the airport from 6am – 7pm trying to go stand-by out of Haiti and the flights weren’t just full – but way oversold. It’s been a frustrating few days for him and for all of us who really miss him and want him home.

The babies have been very colicky…crying almost non-stop. It’s been very overwhelming. I know their little bellies must hurt because you can see them arching their backs. Yesterday my mom spent most of the day crying with them – just feeling so helpless to make them feel better.

A good friend of ours (who has been to Haiti several times and works at Tomoka Christian Church in Florida) has a little daughter named Jael. She reminds me a lot of Malaya. She started having headaches a few days ago and they found out yesterday that she’s got a brain tumor. She’s having surgery today. I always think the scariest part of having children is when you’re pregnant. When they come out perfect it seems like you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting sick. I know this isn’t the case but it just seems like it should be. Please be in prayer for the Kennedy family during this very scary time.

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  1. hey jody. i’ve always seen Jael in Malaya as well. I have a picture of all of your girls that you sent to us in my office and many people have seen malaya and thought that it was jael. thanks for the prayers.

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