New Family Photo….

We managed to take a picture of all the kids before Gigi headed back to Haiti. Of course Gigi wanted her doll with her and Gabriel wasn’t going to cooperate without his little puppy! We want to thank Andy and Erika Olsen for also taking the time to make it all happen! 🙂


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  1. I visited your home, met your husband and saw your precious babies a few weeks ago when meeting Sam and Cameron and staff for a meeting there in Frankfort. As I read you post about the emotions you are experiencing regarding the transition from the states back to Haiti my heart goes out to you and my prayers will go up to our heavenly Father. I am so thankful for beloved believers like you, who in spite of the difficulties, swallow hard and say it can be done with God’s help. Oh that we had more Christians like you in this day we live, willing to leave the easy life and seek God’s will and perservere to serve Him.

    From Another Mom of 4 grown children, and 12 grandchildren,


  2. Hey Jody:
    I just wanted to let you know that your babies (all of them) are beautiful. I hope you have safe travels back to Haiti and that God watches over you and them and that you all stay in good health. It was great to see your mom Sunday. I always enjoy her so much. I know you will continue to help the people of Haiti and that God has big plans for your family. Be safe and be blessed.

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