The Story of Hosea….

Now I would LOVE to say that what I’m going to write came from my own observations after reading the story of Hosea and Gomer – – but it actually was shared by a girl named Leah at devotions in Haiti back in January. Since I’m up all night – I started watching a sermon and it was about this same story. I never really thought about it the way it was explained and I was so excited to share this with everyone else.

So the story of Hosea – – God tells Hosea to go and marry a promiscious woman (A woman that he knew would be unfaithful to him). Then he was to have a child with her. Imagine if God told us that’s what He wanted – for us to find a mate that would completely cheat on us. Hosea marrys Gomer. They have children. Gomer cheats on him – finally leaves him. Hosea has to be thinking – YES – I’m finally out of this marriage and then God tells him to go back and PAY to get his wife back. So Hosea is going to pay money to a get a wife that was already his. He does that – tells her from this point one we’re going to be faithful to each other and that’s that.

NOW – the purpose of God telling Hosea all this is because He’s making a parrallel to Isreal. Isreal is forsaking God and “cheating” on Him by serving other Gods and even after they treat God that way – He comes back for them.

Now how does this relate to us? We’re already God’s people — yet even though we’re His – He paid for us again – He comes back for us every day. Every morning when we wake up – He’s calling for us.

I just think about my sin – my frustrations over the last few months – and despite it all – every morning I woke up….God was calling for me……He’s still calling for me. I just wasn’t silent enough to hear Him.

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  1. You need to read Redeeming Love by Francine River- don’t make me buy you a copy! 🙂

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