Conversations with My Girls……

Mikela says – – Mommy – I need to put my diarrhea in a secret place so no one will find it.
Mommy – – WHAT?
Mikela – – I don’t want anyone to read it. (DIARY)

Rosie – – I’ve been thinking a lot.
Mommy – about what?
Rosie – – that I really need some candy.
Mommy – is that all you think about?
Rosie- – no. sometimes I think about coke.

Malaya to Angel – – Where is momma Angel?
Angel – She’s in Heaven.
Malaya – When’s she coming back?
Angel – Oh honey – she can’t come back.
Malaya – Nana’s mommy is in Heaven too. Maybe they’re friends.

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  1. Hi Jody,
    My son 11 year old son, Trace and I came for a short mission trip in July of 05. Trace is now 15, but we have never forgotten our time with God and your family in Haiti. It is wonderful to see how your family has grown and how beautiful they all are. Your twins are so adorable, I can imagine how much joy they are bringing to your lives right now. I haven’t been on the website for awhile but have found myself blessed by your pictures and heart felt writings.
    I have recently felt a stirring much as you are and have learned that praising Him in the difficult times is more important than praising Him in the good times, harder though it may be.
    I pray that God bless and keep you.
    Reena Fish

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