God’s Voice Vs. Satan’s Voice

Jose and I had Bible study with Beth (our homeschool teacher) a few days ago. Having felt defeated for the past several days it was a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer. I don’t know about you – but I often get the voices mixed up in my head. I wanted to share with you what Beth shared with us. I’m not sure what thoughts are roaming through your head right now but maybe this might clarify who’s really speaking into you.

God’s Voice Satan’s Voice
Stills You Rushes You
Leads You Pushes You
Reassures You Frightens You
Enlightens You Confuses You
Encourages You Discourages You
Conforts You Worries You
Calms You Obsesses You
Convicts You Condemns You

3 responses to “God’s Voice Vs. Satan’s Voice”

  1. Thank for this post,

    A friend read this to me last night and I was saddened by which voice I respond to most readily. I searched for this comparison to share with a coworker and yours is the only copy I found.

    Thank you, you have helped me to share what i am learning.

  2. Thank You SOOO much for sharing on this post. I have been stuggling with this question for the last few days and praying earnestly for an answer. Like yourself I often get the voices mixed up in my head between whether it’s the Lord speaking to me or not. I now just have to ask the Lord for peace! May the Lord continue to use you and Bless you!

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