Month: January 2010

When Fear Comes a Knockin’

I have one of those calendars on my desk where you flip through it each day and it gives you just a sentence or two that encourages you for the day. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been flipping through the calendar. The last day I had read […]

Last Notes….

There is a part of me That’s only visiting Torn from eternity A stranger here The awkward mingling of The loveless and beloved So far from things above While I am here So when the last notes of my soul’s summer symphony Go stealing through this old world’s […]

Haiti is NOT Alone….

I haven’t been able to sleep the last several nights. My mind just doesn’t shut down. Maybe because I use the night-time to process what has happened here. Two weeks ago I was busy buying plane tickets for groups to come to Haiti. ┬áJose was flying down to […]

What The Mission Is Doing Right Now….

Today we had 22 surgical and medical personnel arrive safely at the mission. Tomorrow we will start dividing out roles and making plans for this week. Something you have to realize is that LaPointe and Port-de-Paix are basically the only functioning hospitals on this side of the coast. […]

Jose Is Home….

I was upstairs in the group eating area with Melonnie when the truck came through the gates. I ran down the steps and so happily hugged my husband. After sharing some tears together the girls joined in right behind me. Our family was together. How many others could […]