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News About Jose….

I heard from a truck driver who was with Jose earlier today. Jose’s phone still doesn’t work but as the driver went home his phone started to work and he called Wisley at 4:30 and I didn’t see Wisley until now – 10pm.  Lord – why do I doubt you? Do you not ALWAYS protect my family? Have you not proven that to me time and time and time and time again?

He is helping with relief work – – of course he is. I’m sure his heart couldn’t leave the people suffering.

On other news – the two orphan boys came back with a tragic story. The quake started and they ran out of the house as it fell and killed everyone in it. They ran to another house that had their friends and only one person came out – Exalus who often helps with groups. No one else. Immediately a school full of little children fell and everyone died inside. We could barely understand their story through the sobbing. I had to ask 3 different times to really understand and I honestly may still be missing something.  Melonnie led a praise and worship session with Americans and Haitians tonight. She said that there weren’t any dry tears. Everyone is mourning as news continues to filter in.

Why tell you that – because I’m trying to make this real – not just something you see on the news. This isn’t some distant land – this is my home. The terror in their eyes is something I will never forget and I want you to picture what that looks like. They have had nightmares all day long. They told me they will never be the same. They were shaken and scared and in shock. How many others are that way – those that did survive and will never forget what they saw?  How could it not change the life of every single person there? Lord Have Mercy On Haiti…

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It is the recommendation of the mission that if you want to bring in a group of medical people or provide relief efforts – that you contact larger organizations that have the manpower to house, feed, and set up a facility in PAP. We are working at the Mission of Hope. A truck of supplies went down today. We have only raised 7,000.00 – folks – it’s NOT enough. It’s no where near enough.

We are going on the battle-lines and can easily move the small group we have – but we simply don’t have the resources there. Samaritans Purse is a good friend of the mission as is The Red Cross if you are looking to volunteer in PAP.

As some cell phones are beginning to work now – news about personal accounts are filtering their way up here. You will hear someone PRAISE THE LORD – when they hear their family is okay – – while another one collapses to the ground when they realize they lost everyone.

We still have no word from ANY of our PAP staff – their cell phones don’t work or perhaps……I don’t want to go there. NOT TRUE NOW – – JOCELYN AND FAITDU (two orphan boys) just walked through our gates! Talk about God’s timing and just when you think you have no hope.

Haven’t heard from Jose in 24 hours.

Over 100’s of thousands expected in casualties. How do you process that? How in the world do you explain that to new Christians and small children? I don’t understand it myself. My home was fluent today with countless Haitians wanting to catch a glimpse of the news, weeping while I hold their hand or hug them tight – and it never stopped. I feel so numb and yet I cry nearly every 10 minutes. Always another story – always another problem. They come to me looking to “save” them to make it go away and i am left helpless – crying with Melonnie because there isn’t anything we can do.

Our church is open tonight for those who are grieving. Doing all that I can but still feel like it’s not enough. Pray for the Haitian medical team, Melissa, and Maureen as they travel to PAP tomorrow. I asked them to please try to find Jose – just so I know for sure nothing has happened in the past 24 hours. Andy Olsen left this morning to document what’s going on.

I am on facebook and update it all the time with simple one-liners that might not be blog worthy but certainly give you a glimpse of what’s happening. Jody Castillo is the name.

It’s funny….all day long I watched my front door. I’m not joking – I knew Jose would walk through it today. It was going to be this great surprise – covered in dirt where he had ridden a moto for 12 hours straight trying to get to us. If he could talk to me he wouldn’t consider even leaving. BUT I know how he is – I imagine that he’s probably right in the thick of it….sorting through the rubble. And honestly – how selfish to think otherwise. I’m sure he is right where he should be.

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This Is How You Can Help….RIGHT NOW

I just got off the phone with my brother Janeil (Executive Director of NWHCM). He will be doing numerous interviews this week. We here have also done many phone interviews from Haiti. I told him numerous people want to help – what do I tell them?

His response:
Jody – We want to be at the Epicenter of Healing. We have received word from Mission of Hope that they have countless patients dying at their gates because they have no supplies. They asked us to please help them. We have a surgery center that has supplies and we can buy what we can here in our area. BUT WE NEED FUNDS to make this happen.

Stage 1:
Send Haitian Medical staff tomorrow with as many supplies as we can.

Stage 2:
After we meet their medical needs – they will be hungry. They have nothing. Everything is lost. Even the people up here – they had family in PAP that would send money. EVERY AREA in Haiti will be hungry because of the damage in PAP. We are partnered with Haiti One and trying to strategize a plan to effectively meet that physical need as well.
— – – – –

So what can you do? SEND FUNDS NOW. Go online – and click GIVE.

We can not see this with our own eyes and do nothing. Please get the word out – tell the story – and help us bring healing to the people in PAP.
– – – –
**I have been emailed about updates on Jose. After our brief talk yesterday – I have heard nothing. If I know Jose – he’s probably trying everything to make his way back to us. I can’t tell you how much I miss him…..