News About Jose….

I heard from a truck driver who was with Jose earlier today. Jose’s phone still doesn’t work but as the driver went home his phone started to work and he called Wisley at 4:30 and I didn’t see Wisley until now – 10pm.  Lord – why do I doubt you? Do you not ALWAYS protect […]


It is the recommendation of the mission that if you want to bring in a group of medical people or provide relief efforts – that you contact larger organizations that have the manpower to house, feed, and set up a facility in PAP. We are working at the Mission of Hope. A truck of supplies […]

This Is How You Can Help….RIGHT NOW

I just got off the phone with my brother Janeil (Executive Director of NWHCM). He will be doing numerous interviews this week. We here have also done many phone interviews from Haiti. I told him numerous people want to help – what do I tell them? His response: Jody – We want to be at […]

Pics of Some of The Aftermath

**These pictures have been taken from various sources online.